Staying Committed to Your Self-Care Habit Has Never Been So Easy

JoyFull Yoga has the perfect support options to reconnect you with your Joy of Being. We are here to help you reach your wellness goals from where you are right now to where you want to BE.

"I really feel like Louise is in my living room with me.
Her warmth and light come right through the screen.
It's an amazing feeling."

The Spark Portal

Support For What Matters Most

YOU & Your Well-BEing
Body, Mind, Heart & Soul Care

from the comfort of your home.
Monthly Inspiration and Healing Opportunities Video:
Support for Mind, Heart & Soul
Monthly Inspired Sound Healing Meditations: Support your Body & Spirit

Full Moon Healing Circle. Live via zoom with video replay.

Inspired Bi-Monthly Sound Healing Moon Meditations 

Reset your mind to calm ~ Rejuvenate your nervous system,
Embody the Light of your Spirit.

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Sound Healing gatherings offer you a deeply healing opportunity to activate your ability to heal and restore harmony within your emotional and physical body. Ease tension and restore your well-being in your body, heart, and mind. 

Feel the healing vibrations of Gemstone bowls, Crystal & Tibetan bowls, and the Symphonic Gong. These sounds impact the immune, endocrine & neuropeptide systems & balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • New Moon meditation is specifically designed to activate your intentions and support you with the current energetic opportunity.
  • Full Moon meditation is specifically designed to deepen your connection to your intuition and enhance the healing opportunity for each month. 
Join us for this sacred time to cultivate your Peaceful Mind, fill your heart with Unconditional Love, and feed your Soul with Divine Light through breathwork, mantra and mudra meditations, and sacred sounds.
Ignite Your Body's Self-Healing Superpowers
"Louise's Sound Healing class was a 'total package'.
There was an incredible amount of information, knowledge, wisdom,
and love wrapped up in this experience.
Thank you for this deep physical, emotional & spiritual experience."
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What if you could have your own private session with Louise; from the comfort of your home,
anytime you want?

Your Spark Membership gives you access to a library of JoyFull Yoga classes and segments.
Support for Body, Mind & Soult is just a click away anytime you want from the comfort of your home. This gives you the structure and tools to keep up with your well-BEING: mind, body, and spirit. Each session offers you the support and guidance to deepen your inner wisdom and unlock your body's ability to BE well.

Total Support for your Joy & Ease of Being!

The SPARK Portal Includes daily alignment practice essentials for your Body & Mind. Each segment invites you into an experience of unconditional self-love for a profound, enjoyable, self-healing practice for your mind, body, and soul. Mix and Match the class sessions to create your perfect self-care schedule.
Your membership totally supports you; heart and soul. 
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Daily Spark Essentials

Each 28-minute session (chair or floor) is designed to nurture, revive, and sustain your overall well-being when you need it most. Perfect for daily maintenance.

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BE Break

Destress in 3 minutes or less. New destressing self-healing practices when you need it most.

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JoyFull Yoga Chair & Mat Classes

Each week you have access to full 1 hr classes: 2 Chair and 2 Mat/Floor. For all levels.

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Dynamic Movement Meditations

Activate your inner joy in 5 minutes or less. Get your lungs & heart going as you activate the lymphatic system and improve brain function. This movement mediation segment is your go-to when you want to get a quick feel-good boost.

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Joyfull Chi Balancing

Take a 15-minute self-care break to recenter your spirit and declutter your mind while you improve balance, core strength and restore vital energy flow throughout your body. 

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Daily Practice Meditation

Go deeper into the current healing opportunity with a 20- minute Breath, Healing Sound & Meditation practice from the Sound Healing class for you to use as a daily practice or anytime you need it. 

For Your Body to Survive and Thrive, Self~Care is as Essential as Breathing
Start Today!
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"I don't know how I would have made it through this challenging time without my Spark Membership. I feel so grateful to have access JoyFull Yoga & Sound Healing Classes anytime I want."
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"Instead of feeling bad about missing my JoyFull Yoga, I can just click on a Daily Spark segment and I feel great about myself and in my body."
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"I love doing the JoyFull Chi Balancing segment at the end of my day. I look forward to my ME time and I find that I also sleep better when I do it."

The Ultimate Spark of Inspiration

Deep Support on Your Transformational Journey: Mind, Heart & Soul

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Each month Louise shares inspiring and healing insights in her monthly Inspiration and Energy Opportunities message.

This is where Louise shares the current energetic roadmap, insights, inspiration, and supportive actionable wisdom to help you meet the healing opportunities of each month. 

Your membership includes replay access so you can revisit the class throughout the month for extra support.  



"Louise has brought so much clarity to my life in so many ways. It has helped me tremendously to have her guidance on this journey! The meditations and Spark classes have transformed my personal practice; I can't imagine being without them! I encourage everyone to consider her a valuable resource."

Showing up for yourself is one of the most potent actions you can take to ignite your body's ability to restore and heal.

Get Started Now

Total Support for Your Daily Alignment Practice


Self~Healing Care for your Body, Heart & Soul

Membership includes Full Access to the Spark Portal ~ Daily Support for your Life Force Battery:

  • Monthly New Moon Meditation Practice & Sound Healing Relaxation with Guided imagery.
  • Exclusive Members-only Live Virtual Full Moon Meditation Circle 
  • Unlimited monthly access to meditation class replays
  • Edited Meditation Practice from New Moon Sound Healing for daily use
  • Edited Sound Healing Relaxation & Guided Imagery from New Moon Class 
  • Exclusive Spark BE Break segments to reset to calm in 3 minutes or less
  • JoyFull Yoga Chair & Mat Classes
  • Daily Spark Essentials
  • Monthly Inspiration and Healing Opportunities Message
  • Email Support
  • Members-only Special Offers on Programs and Private Sessions
  • And more...
I want Support for
my Heart & Soul Self-Care

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