Reconnect with your Joy  of  Being!

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Rediscover the Joy of Being in your Body.

JoyFull Yoga classes meet you where you are in your body; and empowers you to engage, heal, and connect with your superpowers. Each segment and class makes it fun and easy for you to build core strength, flexibility, and improve balance and your overall sense of well-being.

Each class activates your internal joy and passion for living your best life now.


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Reclaim Control of your Busy Life.

Taking care of YOU has never been so convenient, fun, and easy. It's like a private session with Louise on-demand. Each class is designed to quickly reset your body, mind, and heart to be in full alignment and support your healthy lifestyle. (Chair & Mat options)

Take 5, 15, 30 minutes, or a full hour class. It's all just a click away. (Chair & Mat option)

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The Alchemy of Healing when you need it most.

Bi-Monthly Sound Healing Meditation classes & Spark segments offer you deep healing on the cellular level. De-stress and repair your nervous system, heal and strengthen the glandular system and restore your vagus nerve as you experience profound relaxation.

Restore Yourself from the Core of Your Being

JoyFull Yoga restores you, from the inside out.

JoyFull Yoga is a unique blend of poses, breath work, sequencing, movement meditations, chi balancing, and Naad (sound) yoga that heals your body on the cellular level.

These elements work together to energize the glandular system and the organs of the body to restore a healthy energy flow and improve brain and heart function. It focuses on healing and strengthening the vagus nerve, glandular system (especially the adrenals, thyroid, and hypothalamus gland), and the core muscles, so you can improve wellness from the inside out.

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"I love the Daily Spark Segments. Even when I'm too busy to do a full class, I can stay committed to my self-care by doing a shorter segment and feel better immediately."
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"I feel even more benefits in my health since I started my Spark membership. At first, I was sad not to have the in-person classes, but now I feel so grateful to be able to do something every day."
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"The dynamic movement meditation is my favorite segment! It's my five-minute healing dance-party, it's always fun and I feel amazing after each session." 

Reclaim Your Power to Make Supportive Choices

Bring Joy and Ease into your Self-Care within the reality of your busy day. 

  • Feel Better Immediately

  • Experience Peace

  • Ignite Self-Love

  • Create More Ease in Your Body 

  • Release Tension 

  • Reset to Calm

  • Release Stress, Guilt, and Anxiety

  • Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit 

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"Louise's guidance in class is masterful and fun.
It's easy to follow her cueing on exercises that span the range from
calming to invigorating, challenging to peace-generating.
Louise's classes pack in an exhilarating combination of
yoga, dance, voice, and movement meditation.
I find myself smiling, chanting, singing, dancing, and occasionally even laughing...
I leave class refreshed, lightened, more hopeful and optimistic about my day,
my life, and more profoundly, about all life on this earth, we inhabit"

Reconnect with Your Joy of Being