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JoyFull Yoga is a unique blend of poses, breath work, sequencing, movement meditations, chi gong and Naad (sound) yoga. These elements work together to energize the glandular system and the organs of the body to restore a healthy energy flow and improve brain and heart function. JoyFull Yoga is geared towards the needs of the 21st century, meeting you where you are in your body. It is completely accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. It focuses on healing and strengthening the glandular system (especially the adrenals, thyroid and hypothalamus gland) and the core muscles, so you can improve wellness from the inside out. It meets you where you are now and offers you a fun and powerful way to engage, heal and connect with your body, mind, and spirit in a profound way. JoyFull Yoga offers tools to embrace your authentic self and awaken your passion and joy, to live your best life now.

JoyFull Bridge

Best of both worlds

The past decade of my career has been about building a JoyFull bridge between what is often perceived as  two worlds: the modern, business, physical,  earthly world and the  ancient, spiritual, feeling and mystical world. I have a strong connection to both. I started my spiritual journey at a very young age. As a child I had many mystical experiences. I was meditating before I knew that it was called that.  I trained in many holistic disciplines from Yoga, hypnotherapy, herbology and  healing therapies. I have been blessed with opportunities to study and personally train with many great Priests, Rabbis, Healers, Yoga masters, Psychologists, and Visionaries.  I started teaching  workshops in my early 20s. I also had the opportunity to be part of the business community working as Manager, VP of Finance, and National Marketing Director to name a few.

Yoga means union so it has been the perfect playground for me to share and utilize my tools I have acquired from both side. It started with adapting and interpreting the ancient wisdoms in a tangible way that applies to us in the 21st century. I think that a challenge for many spiritual seekers is attempting to simulate practices that worked with the reality of people lives thousands of years ago. Our modern world, energetically and physically has very different demands and needs. Those of us with children, animals, jobs, rarely have the opportunity to go away for months at a time to be in solitude or retreat. Does a “spiritual” path require us to disengage with the “real” world? I don’t think that we have to choose one over the other but the inner wellbeing, being less visible is often neglected

Your spiritual practice should be a source of  joy the same as working in the garden or on a creative project that inspires you. Yet for so many; it feels out of reach or arduous “work”, something we know we “should” do but don’t have time for. Do you take care of your obligations like children, pets or home, garden, garbage, only when you have time??? If you do, there can be unpleasant consequences. So why is it so challenging to give our internal wellbeing the same priority and time? Taking time once a week for a yoga class or going to religious service is great! But if you tend to your garden, for example, only once a week, it’s going be  more work than when you tend to it a few minutes daily. Just as you feel the satisfaction of the vegetables growing and flowers blooming, thus it is with the fruits of a spiritual practice. If we take the time to tend to our wellbeing inside and out, we reap the gifts of a JoyFull life in body and spirit. It is not something you have to work towards, it is available to you now.  A daily practice puts you in the driver seat of creating your best Life Now.  Maybe it is time for you to begin or refresh your commitment to your spiritual practice. Here is something that can be part of your regular routine or the beginning of one. It can fit in the reality of your busiest days.

Set aside 3 minutes morning and night. Start by practicing slow, deep breaths into your belly and relax your feet, hands, shoulder and the rest of your body. Keep your mind focused on your breath. Close your eyes and imagine a healing sunlight shinning upon you. Then as you breathe in, imagine it coming into your heart and as you hold the breath…. let the Light fill every cell of your body.  Continue for a few more breaths then say :

I Awaken and Align with my Highest Divine Self NOW.

 It is HERE – NOW – I embrace it within myself & others. Thank you!

You will see that your ability to see the solutions to the challenges in your life flow to you more easily as you create your own bridge between your inner and outer realities.   Remember that you are magnificent.  All is in Divine order. All is well.

Remember to take time to breathe.



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