At the beginning of the year, I wrote this would be a year for transformation and change. Like it or not, things are changing all around us. It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore what is not working in our lives and our world. This continues to be a year to “Re” everything: rethink, redo, recommit, reevaluate, reconnect, replenish, reorganize, reflect, relax, remember, and mostly release the old thoughts that are not supporting us to create our best LIFE.

This is a time in our evolution to step into our grace and into the driver’s seat of our LIVES in a more empowered way.

The world is experiencing so much uncertainty and upheaval, stirring up fear within and around us, which can cause higher levels of stress and powerlessness. You can reclaim your power by not resisting change. What you resist only persists. Instead ask: “What is the healing opportunity for me here?”  Then be proactive, take actions to course-correct, realign and recommit to your intentions that support your higher good and the higher good of all. This will elevate you out of victim mode into grace to create a more joy-full life experience for us ALL.

This strategy can be practiced moment by moment, to bring a more positive and healing experience to what can be a challenging, energetic window all through September with Mercury Retrograde (8/30/16 to 9/22/16 in Virgo). This particular period brings a golden opportunity to ignite, reconnect and heal our relationships to learning and growing. The Universe is calling on us to become the highest expression of our Selves. Mercury is connection and communication. Virgo is about practical skills and apprenticeship, learning to balance the spiritual with the physical in a practical way.

Create balance by strengthening your relationship to your body, your spirit, the Divine and heal your relationship with the past and the Universe.

This is how you can take fear out of the driver’s seat and re-claim your LIFE. Every thought and every action have a consequence. Your life is always speaking your mind. The challenges are healing opportunities.  You can’t ignore or rely on old, disempowering ways anymore and get away with it. No matter what the past has brought you, you can start right now to course-correct your life and take positive actions that support you being happy and healthy.

Allow yourself to experience joy-full abundance.

If you have been thinking about starting a spiritual self-care routine or if you’ve drifted out of your practice and want to re-start, September is a perfect time. I have been hearing from so many returning clients and students who had been sidetracked from their classes or practice. There are plenty of reasons why it is hard to stay committed. Sometimes it’s resistance, ego, fear, or the undertow of the “busy-ness “of life. “I don’t know why I stopped, to not be,” they tell me, “I feel so much better when I do this.” Sooner or later we learn that if we don’t go within, we go without. It does take courage and support to course-correct. If you need help, reach out. Showing up to cultivate inner balance is your greatest gift to the world.

Mercury retrograde is a message from the Universe to slow down, get off autopilot and reflect on all that’s going on in your life and go deeper within, to make your life better and more meaningful.

Take care of yourself this month and make it a point not to be too busy for YOU!!

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