Nature teaches us about the most important part of Life itself: Awakening! Spring is a time of rebirth and transformation as we step out of the darkness of winter into the light and colors of spring. Within our hearts lies the desire to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. Our inner spirit wants to feel Peace, Love and Joy because that is the truth of who we are. If you listen deeply, you can feel in your heart the calling of your spirit to awaken and connect with your inner peace and well-being, so you can experience that life condition. Unfortunately, the thoughts and feelings we engage with that come from fear, stress, judgment and negativity, along with the attachment to the struggle of life, can keep our heart in a state of winter.

It’s not what is occurring in your life that necessarily creates your life condition, but how you choose to relate to what is occurring moment-by-moment, thought-by-thought. With every breath, you are engaging in this process of choice and constructing the reality of your life, brick by brick. Taking time to meet yourself each morning in meditation allows you to let the sun rise in your heart to awaken your gift to choose consciously what to engage with emotionally throughout the day. That is the power of LIFE itself. In each moment we can choose to be a victim or a creator. Every situation is an opportunity to break out of our habitual negative responses. We can choose to experience more Joy or go deep into the drama of the negative mind.

Instead of going down the hole of “why me?” you can shift your experience by saying: “what is the healing opportunity for me in this?”

Meditation is a path to awakening. Though it is simple for me, with an ADD condition, it is not always easy. It is not about perfection but a practice of what I call the FLAG: Forgiveness-Love-Acceptance-Gratitude. Awakening is the strength of our foundation to live a Joy Full Life:

Awakening is the blossoming of your innermost being.

It is the discovery of your true essence and the release of the self-limiting blocks and fears accumulated through years of endlessly searching outside yourself. It is the healing of the pain caused by disempowerment and low self-worth. It is a journey to Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a beginning and an end.

It is letting go and letting in.

Letting go of the old, veiled, dark ego, with its longings, illusions, and frustrations.

It is letting in the experience of expansion and the mystery of life itself.

It is a moment-by-moment adventure in consciousness.

Awakening requires the effort of a daily practice of meeting your whole self.

It is a transformation that allows you to break free from the attachment to suffering and old belief systems that do not support your higher good…moment by moment, aligning your mind with Peace, Light, and Love.

It strengthens your ability to choose that which supports your Higher good and the Higher good of all…. choosing harmony and not engaging with the drama of the stories of the lower mind.

It allows you to be open to the healing opportunity of each moment…instead of resisting in judgment.

It allows you to be free from the known and the fear of the unknown.

It sets you free from the illusion of duality between you and truth.

It is the ability to accept what is, as it is, and to embrace who you are, as you are!

It is to                       *Forgive yourself, others & Life

It is to                        *Love unconditionally

It is to                         *Accept with compassion

It is an attitude of *Gratitude.

Awakening shows you the way out of the darkness of night from the past. It brings you into the Light of day to embrace the power of this moment: That was then – this is NOW…

Enlightenment is a journey where you can experience Presence.

It is the balance of Being and Doing.

It is being in a harmonious flow with the Grace of LIFE.

As we step into spring, may you experience moments of great awakenings and joy.

Spring Equinox – Sound Healing, Relaxation, Meditation: Sunday March 20 at 4pm. RSVP required. or call us 541-899-0707


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