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I want to share a “magic cure” to help you and your body feel younger and healthier right now. As my Thanksgiving gift, I’m giving you an opportunity to experience it from the comfort of your home. Let me help you experience what studies by numerous researchers suggest can help slow down the biological clock, restore youthful vigor and ease some of the negative effects of aging. Simply slowing down your breathing can begin to slow down the aging process and lower the most common cause of disease: stress. But it’s not easy to create peace amongst the business of life. The peaceful state of mind and body achieved with Yoga, (especially JoyFull Yoga & JoyFull Sound Healing meditations) allows you to relax your mind and body, relieving stress and helps you create a healing environment to strengthen your immune system, lower inflammation, as well as look and feel younger. “There’s a reason why experienced meditators live so long and look so young,” says Eva Selhub, MD, medical director of the Mind/Body Medical Institute. Her research suggests that yoga and meditation also raise the body’s melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and influences other body hormones. Higher levels of melatonin activate the body’s own natural healing processes.

A study published in the Cambridge journal Behavioral Cognitive Psychotherapy, measured the impact of yoga on the trait of mindfulness, which the authors define as “the ability to be in the present moment and in a peaceful state of mind and body.” They found that yoga can help prevent anxiety and depression as well as improve brain function. Another study, published in the Indian Journal of Psychology and Pharmacology, looked at the effect of yoga-nidra (meditative relaxation that is part of JoyFull yoga and sound healing classes) on the blood glucose level in diabetic patients. It shows that guided relaxation in yoga classes can help control Type-2 diabetes. The data also suggests that symptoms of menopause (and PMS) are reduced by yoga, including hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings. As I get older, I get complemented on my “ageless glow” and get asked about my “secret.” The answer is a daily practice of taking time to breathe and cultivate a peaceful and joy-full heart!! If you are experiencing chronic pain, menopause, man-a-pause (for men), depression, thyroid issues, fatigue, etc. chances are you have high levels of stress and the fact is that it’s not going to take care of itself!! There is a magical fountain of youth and it is available to you but it requires your full participation. Learning to create a strong foundation to balance the demands of life with self-care for your body and mind is key to be healthy, youthful, and to enjoy a Joy-Full life. You can go to my article online: to have access to my free video series showing how you can start creating a more balanced LIFE right now and I’ll also take you through a guided relaxation so you can immediately feel the benefits of lowering your stress level. (You can also go to

I am also offering a Special Silent Thanksgiving Retreat morning to help you deepen your ability to create a peaceful environment in your Body, Mind and Spirit. This is a great way to start the holiday season so you can en-joy the gift of a peaceful and joy-full holiday season. It will be held at the JoyFull Yoga Wellness center in Jacksonville, OR on Sunday, November 29th, 9:30 am-12: 30 pm. Call or visit our website for details.

Wishing you a beautiful and meaningful Thanksgiving.

Remember to take time to breathe, and embrace each moment with gratitude.

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