Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, and Winter Solstice Align on the 21st of December

Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, and Winter Solstice Align on the 21st of December for a powerful energetic opening!

The Winter Solstice is a celebration of the re-birth of the Light.

This year, the actual moment of the Solstice comes at 3:38 pm PST. I invite you to take the time, in the days before, or the day of, Tuesday, December 21st, to take a few moments to do a meditation in which you ask to be cleared of any and all things that are not serving you and /or are blocking the airwaves of your life. This is the most powerful time in which to let go of what no longer works for you in your life. You don’t have to be specific, let go of anything that you are carrying around that no longer supports who you are. Just ask the Universe, God or Spirit to remove all impediments to your happiness.

This is a wonderful time in which to send a wish or prayer out into the Universe, envisioning yourself happy, healthy and prosperous. Open your heart to receive the blessings of the Universe, allow it to assist you in fully opening your heart, mind, and physical body to successfully merge and align with the new energy. This will help you realign with who you are, as to why you are here.  Realigning with your true purpose here on Earth also means realigning with the essence of who you are: Love, Joy, and remember that you are a spiritual being!

On this day we will also have a total eclipse of the Full Moon. Eclipses bring changes, and their influence is considered about 10 times that of a normal full or new moon.  If an eclipse occurs on your birthday, the changes in your life may be stronger but all of us are being pushed to change in some way… We often resist change, even when it’s positive. But, change brings opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually.

SPECIAL YOGA and MEDITATION CLASS with Gong relaxation

TO ASSIST YOU IN THIS SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday December 21 at 9 am and 5:30pm

Class is almost full so please reserve your space  (if you haven’t yet):

Email:    suggested donation $12 or any amount you wish to donate to support JoyFull Yoga is gratefully accepted. Happy Holidays to you and your beloveds

New beginnings- New year

There is a Solar eclipse in Capricorn :Solar Eclipse (January 3/4).  It will be happening Monday into the early morning hours on Tuesday.  

The impact of our thoughts and prayers are greatly enhanced during a New Moon Solar Eclipseand at the beginning of a brand new year…  How perfect it is to finish  the year and energize our intentions for 2011 .

We started a powerful process at the New Year’s Eve Meditation to prepare for this .. Enjoy the energy this brings for you and set your intentions for the new year NOW again…

 Forgive and let go of the past as you enter into this New year. Be who you are, fully integrated with your soul purpose.. breathe in the NOW… see what happens as you look forward more and backwards less….

Dwell in Peace

Dwell in Light

Dwell in  Love



A Happy Heart is a Healthier Heart


JoyFull Living by Louise Lavergne
A Happy Heart is a Healthier Heart

Valentine’s Day is not just a good occasion to eat chocolates; it also offers us the opportunity to think about the connection between our emotional hearts and our physical hearts.

People who are usually happy and enthusiastic are less likely to develop heart disease than those who tend to be glum, scientists say… and boosting positive emotions could help cut heart health risks. (As reported by Kate Kelland; London; 2010.)

Karina Davidson, PhD of Columbia University Medical Center led this research. Her findings suggested it might be possible to help prevent and decrease the risk of heart disease by enhancing people’s positive emotions. “Participants with no positive affect were at a 22 percent higher risk of… heart attack or angina …,” Davidson wrote in the European Heart Journal.

Over 10 year period, Davidson and her team followed 1,739 men and women who were taking part in a large health survey in Canada. “Trained nurses assessed the participants’ heart disease risk and measured negative emotions like depression, hostility and anxiety, as well as positive emotions like joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and contentment,  collectively known as a “positive affect,” she explained. Those with “positive effect” had lowered their risk by 22%.

One of the reasons for this is that positive emotions help lower stress levels. Stress is one of the major causes of heart disease. Practicing positive thinking with affirmations such as “Every day in every way I am better and better” and taking time for self-care routines like yoga, walking and meditation are great ways to keep your heart both happy and healthy.

For Valentine’s Day, why not share a JoyFull yoga class with a friend or partner. The class offers tools to cross over the turbulent waters of stress to arrive together at the end of a class to a peaceful, joyful inner place.

Here is a simple and effective yoga exercise to practice at home with a partner to improve communication and ease tension:

  • Start by sitting back to back, if using chairs sit sideways with the back of the chair at your side, so your backs can lean on each other. You can also hold hands to deepen the exercise if that feels comfortable.
  • Begin taking slow deep breaths as you lean on each other. You may find that after a short time your breathing is synchronized.
  • After a few moments, if it feels good to you, take turns leaning back and forth very slowly, giving each other a chance to stretch forward a little more each time.

This month our Sound Healing and Guided Relaxation class (Feb 11 at 9:30 am and Feb 21 at 6 pm) will offer you an opportunity to awaken more joy & peace for a happy heart and to feel more enthusiasm for your life. (Call or email for more info and/or to RSVP).

 Remember to take time to breathe and say I love you, from the heart.

. © Louise Lavergne 2001-2009; 899-0707 Louise is the owner of JoyFull Yoga LLC in Jacksonville where she offers group and private sessions. She is the yoga provider for Triune Integrative Medicine in Medford where she works with patients of Dr. Robin Miller.  She is also a Motivational speaker.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years.

Super Full Moon April 17

Happy Full Moon in Libra – today- April 17, ’11 (7:44 pm PDT ~ 10:44 pm EDT)

This one is called a SuperMoon – very close to the Earth, amplifying the Moon’s  emotional and psychological energy even more so than a regular Full Moon, so be sure to stay grounded, breathe, and be aware.

The focus of this Libra full moon is relationships – the ultimate mirror. What are your relationships reflecting back to you?

With the Aries Sun and Libra Moon you have to opportunity for the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies within you – sometimes called Yin and Yang. We all need both to feel balanced and whole.

At its highest expression, the Sacred Masculine takes courageous action with integrity for the greater good and the Divine Feminine embodies compassion, peace, harmony, intuition and the energy of Oneness.

This next sound healing will assist you in finding the balance within yourself. As we balance the two hemisphere of the brain we are able to have access to clear intuition with the ability to take productive actions. IF you have been feeling a little confused or overwhelmed or have been feeling a lack of energy, or even more challenging is the Aries energy making you want to “do” something  to no avail…don’t worry , you will soon be able to gain greater clarity and take action. This has been transformative, sacred time – not so much action time- this requires us to go deepe with awareness. Slow down and take some quiet time and gentle care of yourself. (Mercury will be direct after the 21st)

THis is a great time to practice yoga and meditation… They are  powerful tools to assist you in your transformation.

Hope to see you Monday night 6 pm.




This is a great day to make a personal declaration of independence.
I am sharing an excerpt from Tama J. Kieves’ DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE  below. Her work with people is in line with my JoyFull Living  coaching work. It is time for you to live your best Life NOW
This month we continue our trans-formative journey to ease and grace within….
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”Lao Tzu
For JULY: Meditation & Sound Healing Mondays July 11 & 25 at 6:30pm
JoyFull yoga & meditation classes Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9am and Saturday yoga at 10am-
 (Please let me know if anyone is interested in Tuesday nights 5:15pm Email here )
What do you want to declare or break free from? I want to break free from holding back my power. I no longer want to live with only my low beams on. I want to shine so unequivocally that others decide to abandon their own shadow choices. I want to break away from the undermining thinking of the “realistic” world, and choose some independent thinking, some firecracker, celebrating, birth-giving thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from my Declaration of Independence. Want to come and live in my country?As of this very second, I allow myself to be blessed.I allow myself to be uncorked, unabashed, and showered with delicious good in every facet of my life.I don’t need to fit in anymore, in the world of struggling, suffering, complaining, and belittling. I am going nova and that’s okay. I am willing to have things be easeful and brimming with sheer wonder and I am willing to deserve this. None of us deserve this. That’s why it’s grace. It’s not about deserving. It’s about allowing Spirit to love and give to us.Spirit, I am willing to allow you to give to me now. My work here doesn’t have to be oppressive. I don’t have to plod uphill anymore, dimming my song, or accepting crumbs and crusts and bowing my head. I can keep my heart wide-open and parade through wide-open doors to a welcoming world. I believe you want every golden circumstance for me. I believe you want me to experience more fun, jubilance, connection, generosity, nurturance, and synchronicity than ever before. I believe you want me to know your nature, which is not one of limitation or punishment or lack of any kind. I believe there are doorways to your kindness that I haven’t opened yet. There are oceans and skies I couldn’t see because I subscribed to the map of the world. There is honey I’ve never tasted, bounty not of this realm.I am willing now to let go of the familiar and allow your unparalleled love. I am willing to let go of what I think is possible or right or worldly or to be expected. I am willing to allow you to dream through me, dance through me, breathe through me, grace through me, vibrate through me, peace through me, burst through me, light through me, laugh through me, gleam through me, dream through me. I am willing to co-create with you. I am no longer willing to limit your power with silly, tired thoughts about my own. I am no longer willing to shape your destiny by crunching mine into a little ball of stunted possibilities.Finally, I am willing to allow myself to be cherished and loved and nourished wherever I go and in whatever I do. This is not too much to ask for; it is barely enough because there are so many dimensions of goodness and promise that I have yet to experience. The more I allow myself to receive, the more I can open up to receiving and giving my true love to this world as I have never given before.
Tama J. Kieves is the bestselling author of “This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!).”

Saturday Sept. 17 class at 3:30pm

This Saturday we are sponsering a Bear Creek clean up with Pico’s World Wide and United By Blue at Hawthorn Park 10 am
No morning class.
“Living Prosperity Now” Yoga & Meditation workshop
Sept 17 at 3:30-5pm
This class offers tools using Kundalini and Naam yoga to awaken your ability to discover, organize & use the resources you need to fulfill your destiny and purpose, which is true prosperity. It will also include inspired Guided Visualization to assist you align to the vibration of Source energy to release fears and blocks that may be preventing you from experiencing true prosperity.

From that place you enhance your powers of attraction for relationships and situations that support your true happiness and release the flow of abundance in all areas of your Life .
This workshop is for all those seeking abundance and balance in their lives .

Sugested donation $15 Email or call 541-899-0707

“An attitude of gratitude brings altitude”

 “An attitude of gratitude brings altitude”

What a wonderful opportunity we have this month with
Thanksgiving just around the corner. It is traditionally a celebration of the
harvest, a time to get together with family and friends, deciding on who will
cook what and making travel plans.  It’s
easy to forget the most important part: taking time to be grateful. Most of us
spend a lot of time focusing on what we don’t have and thinking about all the
things we feel we need to “fix”, such as physical issues like weight loss,
illness, or emotional issues like depression or financial stress. As we focus
on what we are lacking, we close ourselves off to the natural flow of
abundance. Conversely, gratitude opens the door to prosperity and abundance. I love that Thanksgiving is non-denominational
and available to everyone. Saying thank you and
focusing on grateful feelings via prayer and/or meditation is a great way to
relieve stress, and elevate our consciousness. It is one of the core
elements of JoyFull yoga. Since yoga means union, it offers the opportunity to
acknowledge with gratitude all the parts of ourselves, others and the current
circumstances of our life.

Practicing the Yoga of Thanksgiving:

Begin by taking time for yourself. Plan to be
undisturbed for 5 to 10 minutes. Decide to give yourself your full attention…..
Receive it… say Thank you.

Then breathe gently and receive each breath as you
would a precious gift. Slow it down as much as you can, softening the belly to
expand on the breath. Exhale with gratitude. Do this for a few more breaths.
Take time to pause with each inhale, staying focused on the gift and wonder of
each breath. Try to count to 8 or more as you breathe in, pausing for the same count
as you receive the gift of the breath; then giving back to the Universe on the
exhale for the same count.  In this
moment there is no end to the supply of breaths.  Feel a connection to the great abundance of
the Universe.

Now begin to acknowledge each beat of your heart. You
can put your right fingers on the inside of your left wrist and find your pulse
or put your hands flat on your chest.  As
you continue to breathe slowly, stay focused on your heartbeat, acknowledging
the gift of each beat.

Then relax your hands, palms facing up and begin to
think of something you feel grateful for about yourself. … Think about all the
things that are right about you! Acknowledge the gift of you, as you are right now…
the gift of your Life…. Receive the gratitude, then mentally say thank you.

Acknowledge the gift of what is right in your life
now, starting with the opportunity of this moment. Breathe in gratitude, then exhale,
mentally vibrating thank you.

Now, as you bring your attention to a challenge in
your life, be willing to open to the gift of this struggle. Be willing to have
it be revealed to you … Don’t look for answers, just be willing to receive with
no expectations of when.

Now, acknowledge the gift of the people in your life.
Breathe in gratitude, then exhale, mentally vibrating thank you.

Acknowledge the gift of the great beauty of our
Valley, the air, the rivers, the mountains etc… Breathe in gratitude, then exhale,
mentally vibrating thank you.

your gratitude affirmation: (either the one below or your own)

now acknowledge all the gifts in my life: the gift of life itself, health and well-being,

The gift of love and
support of friends and family and the kindness of strangers,

I now acknowledge the
gifts of the beauty of nature all around me–mountains, rivers, trees,

I now acknowledge the gifts
of the strength I’ve gained and am gaining from all the challenges in my life,

I am grateful for the
opportunities to serve and make the world a better place.”

Now experience a healing
energy returning to you from nature…blessing you…energizing you.

“I receive the abundance of the Universe in all
areas of my life, that I may in each moment, each day, feel better and better.”

Allow yourself to let
go of any resistance or tensions in your body. Begin to feel the joy in your
heart and open up to accept and embrace the gift of NOW, the gift of Joy-Full
Living. Remember
to take time to breathe. © Louise Lavergne 2001-2011; 541-899-0707 Louise
is a JoyFull living coach, Motivational speaker & owns JoyFull Yoga LLC where she teaches Yoga, Meditation and offers Sound Healing sessions in Jacksonville.


The Greatest Gift To yourself

As we approach the end of the year, we all shift into a faster pace. Keeping up with getting everything done can be stressful. This year maybe more so with planet Mercury retrograde from November 24 until December 13th. It means that if you are not mindful and don’t proceed with care, things may not go as smoothly, especially with travels and communications: phone, internet, writing, and computers (be sure to back up.)We don’t need Mercury retrograde to do this but this period can create events that will force us to slow down if we’re not paying attention.  It is also a great time to evaluate how we are doing so we can appreciate and improve what is working in our lives and face what is not. This can help us move forward into the New Year with ease and grace.

December is an especially great time to do your own personal “year in review.” I can’t believe the year is almost over… there were so many things I thought I would accomplish this year. Realizing I’m about out of time stirs the feeling of disappointment. This year brought me challenges and health crises that created delays. I spent a great deal of this year in my “spiritual cave.” I had to let go at times of the pressure of “getting everything done.” Instead, I gave myself time and space to heal and deal. What a year!!!  The disappointment quickly vanishes as I contemplate all the unexpected gifts that manifested as a result. I realize how much I did accomplished  by staying connected to what was unfolding for me in the moment  rather than what I had “planned.”  I feel deep joy and gratitude. It’s amazing what can happen when we let go of expectations, judgments, and “shoulds”, for ourselves AND from others!

Joy-Full Living is about becoming less “goal” minded.   I can hear some of you saying: “If I don’t have goals, I’ll never get anything done.”  A goal-driven way of life can become a rushed life, focused only on getting “it” done. I choose a life driven by inspiration. For me it is a creative and transformative way of living. It offers the experience of being connected to the present moment, allowing ourselves to be guided towards goals. Inspiration “creates,” thinking “does.” As I assist my clients with this process of being and shifting from a self-judging, mental way of navigating, to a more intuitive, feeling way, I also get to witness their transformation. Wow! What a gift.

Take a moment and think about what you want…. Now “feel” what you want. It may be the same thing, but when it comes from a feeling place the ride is very different. It becomes a creative process that honors and respects you and your feelings along the way. I am talking about living in Grace. If one chooses to be a human being, inspiration is a good fit. If one prefers to live as a human “doer”, then staying in the head is more comfortable. As a former human “doer” I have come to deeply appreciate living as a human being. For me it has resulted in a life that is more heart centered, where there is more space for Divine help and inspiration. I am less ego driven by the need to accomplish goals to feel better about myself or ignoring my needs in order to serve the goal. With this process I was able to release my expectations for this year and see how much I did accomplish that served me in a profound way.  As I finally began to emerge from my healing inner cave this fall, I allowed opportunities to manifest and open up for me. Things like being appointed the official wellness adviser for the International Corporate Games.

This year, as I look at my own year in review, I really get the impact of my JoyFull Living tools and appreciate the gifts of my daily practice. Living in Grace is a choice and a gift you give to yourself.  Take time to celebrate all the joys and challenges of your year with gratitude, forgiveness and peace.

Louise Lavergne

Wishing you great Joy for the New Year. . Remember to take time to breathe. © 2001-2012; (541)899-0707 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (541)899-0707     end_of_the_skype_highlighting Louise the creator of JoyFull living coaching  & owns JoyFull Yoga LLC in Jacksonville.

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